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The Carpenters Daughter takes the cake
Winter 2010 at Air New Zealand Fashion Week
23 September 2009

Air New Zealand Fashion Week first-timers The Carpenters Daughter (TCD) showed a packed and buoyant crowd on Wednesday why it is that their signature look is the first plus-sized label to be invited to show a collection at the annual event.

This designer team are committed to making curvy women everywhere look and feel fabulous, and that lightness of spirit translated perfectly to the catwalk. Most of the audience was made up of loyal customers, whose infectious camaraderie transformed the traditional surroundings into more of a party venue.

The Carpenter's Daughter collection "Let Them Eat Cake" celebrates a bold and luxurious aesthetic, with layers of fine silken and tulle fabrics creating the flattering silhouettes that its fans know and love.

The black and white staples of every wardrobe were there, combining gritty stripes and prints with the more feminine frills. Overly long zebra patterned scarfs broke up the layers to add versatility to the pieces, and flashes of metallic or shiny fabric kept the look up to date.

Right alongside were some fantastic bolts of colour, in the jewel-like shades that are being seen more of this spring/summer. Rich turquoise, jade, coral and fuschia shone through and were carefully combined with simple white pieces for a lighter spring look.

The intriguing and endearing thought that made this show - and its collection stand apart was that these clothes were not only gorgeous, flattering and flamboyant, but that one could see oneself actually owning and wearing the displayed outfits. So much of what we love to see at Fashion Week (and all year round) are for viewing on other people - perhaps more slender, more sample-sized members of the population, but these were clothes and looks that had an inspiring attainability to them, and this unbiased onlooker found herself wishing - for maybe the first time - that she was just a bit rounder and curvier, so that she could get away with wearing this label!

As it is, I will definitely be seeking out and finding one of the five flagship stores to have a wee window-shop... or at least a try-on? Thank you, The Carpenters Daughter, for helping women all over New Zealand to celebrate their gorgeous curves with flair and personality.

Fans in the front row that we recognised included the irresistible Geraldine Brophy, who is somewhat of a celebrity patron to the label, as well as television personality Mikey Havoc. The Carpenter's Daughter's first outing at Fashion Week was easily a success, proving that you can have your cake, and eat it too!

Rachel Osborne

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